Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Class Assignment for Dec. 6-7, 2012

Purchasing a Car
Complete the 'Purchasing a Car' Assignment just like the 'Purchasing a Computer' Assignment.  In this assignment you will get to purchase any car you want.  You have no limit on the amount of money you can spend, so go crazy and buy whatever you want.  You will download the excel file from the class site and then enter the information directly into that excel spreadsheet.  Compare three different vehicles of your choice and then choose one as your final choice.  Don't forget to look at the example for help and don't forget to format and color the columns!

Below are answers to questions I knew you would ask.(These real answers from me!)

Q:  Does it matter what kind of car or truck we buy?  Where can we look?
A:  I don't care! Look wherever you want.  You can look at car dealer website or or or craigslist or if you know someone selling something call him and ask him for the details....dang.

Q:  Can we customize the car the way we want it?
A: Fo Shizzle!

Q: What's the difference between automatic and manual.
A: Manual means stick shift.  (You add the joke you want to that.)

Q: What exactly does wheels mean?
A: It means the size of yo rims.

Q: What size rims do we have to have? Can we have any size we want?
A:   It's ok if you go with the standard rims and only have some 10's but you keep 'em clean though.  But if you wanna do it big do like Rich Boy said "THROW SOME D'S ON THAT *****!......Just bought a Cadillac"

Q: What do you mean by additional features?
A:  In that space you can add anything that doesn't come standard or something unique to your car.

Q: What price do we use?
A: Use the MSRP, that's why I put it next to price, duh!

Hope this helps.  (For those of you who were smart enough to even read this)

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