Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Substitue Assignment for Wed. Oct 3, 2012

"RESUME" Project-6 Weeks Test -  DUE TOMORROW
Hello again,
Sorry I'm out again, Pricipals trippin'.  But today is one of the most important assignments you'll do in class all year.  It's also one of my favorites.  Please do your best on it today and tomorrow I promise I'll be back to help you finish it up.
You will be making a 'Resume.' (It's pronounced [rez-oo-mey, rez-oo-mey]) Google it or ask the substitue what it is.  It's basically a document that you will give to a future employer that shows all the work and qualifications you have to get whatever job you are applying for. It show's what you are made of, but on paper! (I'll show you mine when I get back. Mine's Awesome)  But take this project serious and you'll get alot out of it.

Here's why this Resume Project is so important:
  • Every year students use this same Resume you're making and actually get a job when they interview. (Ask around alot of those students are still at the job they got when they applied using this Resume)
  • You can use this as your real Resume for the rest of your life and you don't have to format a new one, you can just add stuff.
  • It's a "Real World" assignment that will help you in the future and in another class when you have to do this again you will already have one :)
After reading ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS, here's what you will want to ask me so here are my answers:

Q:  What Resume format do we use and what are you talking about on page 79?
A:  Don't worry about the format on pg. 79.  It's ugly I just put it on the instructions to make people think we use the book in class.  Use the templates it's alot easier and better looking. You can use any template you like, but the Chronological one is the best. (look at the 2nd page of instructions and it shows you how)

Q:  What do I put for Name & Address?
A:  Duh put your real name and address

Q:  What do I put for Objective/Goal?
A:  This is where you describe the job you are applying for.  Look up a job on yesterdays "I Want that Job" assignment.  (Yep I told you it would help, but you didnt listen)

Q:  What do I put for Education?
A:  If you read the instructions you would know to put your high school information.  You can also add some of accomplisments like honor roll or perfect attendance.

Q:  I've never had a job so what do I put for work experience?
A:  Yes you have.  Have you ever babysat, cut someones grass, helped your kinfolk out at a job? You can use all that.  If you have a real job, even if it's at a restaurant you can use that too.  Last resort-You can make up a job that would help you get the job your applying for.

Q:  Who do I use for references
A:  Anyone you think would help you get that job and would speak highly of you.  You can use me if you want.  Try not to use relatives.

Gosh that's alot of stuff but if you read it all you're probably pretty smart and didn't need to read it anyway.  Thanks for being awesome and doing your work while I'm gone.  (6th Period calm down and do your work!) 

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